Trailer Service Blunders You Can not Ignore



Tire pressure within your trailer tires need to be checked should you asked for it or if it's part of a certain service package. The only approach to actually know when you are in doubt is to place one trailer tire down to 80 pounds, and verify that tire just after the trailer service is done. Get additional details about commercial trailer repair


Be sure your mobile response has the best tools to replace brake pods on air brake trailers. You don't will need your brakes locking up on you 10 hours after a brake pod replacement because of a error made when installing the rubber gasket within the pod.


Trailer brakes need typical checks and in some cases a brake auto adjust may be off. When a mechanic relies around the auto brake adjust gadgets alone this can be a enormous mistake. Having in there using the simple tools and undertaking trailer brake adjustments correctly is what an honest trailer repair shop is all about.


Safety inspection stickers must be checked cautiously. Expired safety tags on a trailer sitting around the side of a highway just isn't only down time but carries a heavy fine and puts the drivers license at danger for demerit points as well. The driver assumes duty for the safety sticker check right after the trailer gets out with the shop regardless of the a shop creating the mistake of not checking the sticker.


Most trailers on the highway are usually not owned by the owner operator in the truck pulling the trailer. Simply because of this trailers often get neglected much more than trucks. That is exactly where is usually a good quality trailer service shop saves the day for your trailer fleet.

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