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Blanche Charles Elementary School had a pedophile on campus for numerous years. His name is Mr. Rodriguez, also known as Mr. Rod. He has now passed away or he could be in handcuffs for life. Get a lot more information about mr rod


Mr. Rod from Calexico, California would would take all students out on the classroom at Blanche Charles, and on the little ones BIRTHDAY, he would turn off the lights, corner you, and molest you on campus (inside the classroom).


He was well-known for becoming “cool” mainly because he weighed like 400lbs and bounce you around on his stomach for the duration of recess in plain sight. Inside the darkness even so, he’s a kid molester in addition to a pedophile.


A police report has been filed and they say there’s nothing at all they could do.


Blanche Charles needs to conduct drug tests weekly, set up video cameras, and not hire pedophiles. With their low security, I encourage all parents to switch their children to a far better elementary school.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a repeat child molester. When you are a previous student and would prefer to come forward please contact the Calexico Police Department. The official e mail to contact us is You may make an anonymous email from for free if you would prefer to stay private.


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