What is a Phase 1 Desk Study?

A Phase 1 Desk Study is often a preliminary danger assessment from the collation and review of published details concerning a sites historical, geological and environmental setting. Get far more facts about


The objective of a Desk Study will be to establish a preliminary risk rating and to program the subsequent stages of your site investigation. This really is accomplished by identifying any possible ground associated hazards and potential contamination sources, pathways and receptors where there could possibly be prospective dangers to human health, vegetation, controlled waters, structures and services.


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Please note, Every Phase 1 Desk Study Will have to consist of a Walkover Survey. This can be a requirement by the Local Authorities! Obtaining a report without a Walkover survey are likely to be rejected or an added Planning Condition will probably be added. Also, the risk of unforeseen site investigation costs and liabilities considerably increases.


Do I need a Phase 1 Desk Study?

There are commonly two scenarios for requiring a Phase 1 Desk Study:


Developing a Site - a Phase 1 Desk Study (Preliminary Risk Assessment) will typically be a requirement within the Planning Situations set out by the Local Authority Planning Department. As a result, A Desk Study Report is carried out to satisfy the several regulatory requirements of Planning Departments, Environmental Health Departments, the Environment Agency, Building Control Departments and National House Building Council (NHBC).


Property Transactions (Due Diligence) - ahead of getting a site or property, as a minimum requirement we suggest a Desk Study is carried out to identify and evaluate any possible risks linked together with the site and also the liabilities which the potential buyer will acquire.


When need to a Phase 1 Desk Study be undertaken?

A Phase I Desk Study is usually carried out in the start out on the site investigation process. The Desk Study characterises the site and delivers details and an initial conceptual ground model for the remainder (if required) of your site investigation process.


What's incorporated within a Phase 1 Desk Study Report?


At Sub Surface our Phase 1 Desk Study Reports include things like:


Executive Summary - a summary of your report and findings on one page.


Site Facts - Site Place, Site Boundaries, Present Land Use, Proposed Site Use, Information with the Walkover Survey.


Historical Appraisal - a review of historical Ordnance Survey plans in the previous uses and structures on site and also the instant surrounding location.


Geological Appraisal - Artificial Ground, Superficial Strata, Bedrock, Mining, Geomorphology, Natural Ground Subsidence, Radon Gas, and so forth.


Environmental Appraisal - Prospective Contamination Sources, Pollution History, Landfill Sites, Hydrogeology and Hydrology, Flooding, etc.


Conceptual Ground Model - a preliminary risk assessment of possible ground related hazards and prospective contamination sources, their pathways and receptors where there may very well be prospective risks to human health, vegetation, controlled waters, structures and services.


Site Investigation- Suggestions (if required) including, Contamination Analysis, Ground Gas Monitoring, etc.


What's a Walkover Survey?

All of our Phase 1 Desk Studies incorporate a Walkover Survey (Site Reconnaissance). A Walkover Survey is actually a pay a visit to to site by an Engineer to undertake a thorough inspection of your site to confirm, amplify and supplement the information inside the Desk Study and to visually and olfactorily assess any potential zones of contamination.


What occurs if the site is within a Coal Mining Area?

For sites located within an area that might be affected by mine workings (parts of Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, West Midlands, etc.), a Coal Authority Mining Report might be necessary and incorporated within the Phase 1 Desk Study.


When the Coal Authority Mining Report indicates that there's a doable risk to ground instability and subsidence, or if we think there's a prospective for unrecorded mines beneath the site or mine entries, a Coal Mining Threat Assessment will probably be needed.


What are the Benefits of a Phase 1 Desk Study?

There are various benefits of carrying out a Phase 1 Desk Study before commencing an intrusive site investigation or acquiring a site, such as:


Identifying possible geotechnical, environmental and health and safety troubles, which could considerably impact the site investigation and/or the project.


The formulation of a preliminary danger assessment allows for efficient targeting of project sources and avoids money being wasted on inappropriate intrusive ground investigations.


Supply early warning of possible delays or price range implications via previously unknown site qualities.


Provides details on attainable contaminants and anticipated areas of contamination.

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