Project X HZRDUS Black Shaft Review


The Project X HZRDUS Black gives golfers with sturdy swings low spin and impressive accuracy.

Project X, one of your leading names in iron shafts, scored a significant victory within the graphite marketplace last year with their handmade LZ shafts. The LZ stands for “Loading Zone” and offers extra feel, kick, and speed for players seeking to boost their distance. Get far more information about TourShopFresno

In 2015, Project X continued their hot streak with all the release with the HZRDUS Black. This shaft was an immediate hit on the PGA Tour for the reason that it’s developed to be the counterpoint to LZ: it gives accuracy and low spin for players who already have plenty of club head speed.

When I plugged the HZRDUS Black into my PING G30, my very first believed was, “Wow, all black everything.” The HZRDUS Black is matte black, just like quite a few of today’s driver crowns, and there’s incredibly tiny decoration. Aside from the grey HZRDUS logo, the only graphics will be the Handcrafted logo plus the cleverly re-purposed hazmat placard which shows the shaft’s weight, flex, spin, and torque. For those who like to retain your driver stealthy, the HZRDUS Black is for you personally.

In the event you ever used any of Project X’s original blue graphite shafts, the HZRDUS Black will feel pretty familiar to you. Stability is at the forefront with just enough kick to keep the shaft from feeling also stiff. This can be crucial since when a shaft is too firm, golfer tend to over-swing and lose handle. The HZRDUS Black gives you simply enough action to keep your swing smooth and let the shaft do its job.

The Project X HZRDUS Black says “Low Spin” right around the placard, and that’s not an exaggeration. Even as my spin numbers eke higher (swing changes in progress), I had to operate to get a reading more than 2000 RPM. Interestingly, I didn’t see a huge drop in my launch angle. I was nonetheless capable to keep my launch within the low teens to generate powerful, medium-high drives.

Just as impressive as the low spin would be the accuracy. As I talked about above, the shaft has just sufficient “life” to it that I didn’t feel like I had to swing all out. I created regular, aggressive swings and located every single shot undertaking precisely what I anticipated. That’s not to say that every shot ended up in the middle of the fairway, but just about every shot ended up exactly where it deserved to. If I hung the face open, the ball pushed suitable. When I made a fantastic swing, the ball flew straight down the middle. With this combination of predictable, consistent ball flight, it is easy to know why the HZRDUS Black has created such deep inroads around the PGA Tour.

Even though you don’t have PGA Tour club head speed, it is possible to nonetheless benefit in the low spin and accuracy from the Project X HZRDUS Black. As always, the key is becoming fit into the appropriate weight and flex. Any time you get this shaft dialed in, fairways will appear wider and you can look forward to powerful, piercing drives.

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