Manzur Ramadan Dagga Mujamad



Manzur Ramadan Dagga Mujamad (Carabobo, December 25, 1975) can be a Venezuelan businessman, president from the renowned white goods brand, Condesa Trading ; Likewise, Bullpro stores the official distributor in the Boss Audio Systems brand of car audio and portable horns in Venezuela. Get additional information about cocinas condesa



He began in the home appliance sales location at the "La Linda" marketer, a store situated in Morón, Carabobo state.


By 1993, as a result of his really hard work, he became an investor and founder (Shareholder) of Mundo Daka; company that had far more range in white line and brown line. Likewise, the growth of this marketer began in Morón, soon after its achievement they had been in a position to extend for the cities of Falcón, Valencia, Barquisimeto and Maracay.


In January 2004, he became an investor in Cyberlux de Venezuela, a brand that by then was positioning itself inside the country with its wide variety of white goods and brown lines; betting with its commitment to strengthen the sustainable development with the country, being this one with the most substantial companies in Venezuela.


In 2014 he founded the company Latam Tecnology in Panama, in charge of acquiring the products on the prestigious and renowned Boss Audio Systems brand. In 2016, Bullpro Shops opened in San Cristóbal - Venezuela; which specialized within the commercialization of car audio equipment and transportable horns, hence innovating the Venezuelan market.


At the similar time, it continues with its business development, contributing for the country's economy via new investments. That is how in 2017 the second Bullpro retailer opened; This time it is actually situated in the Parque Los Aviadores Shopping Center in Maracay, Aragua state.


At the same time in 2017, he founded Condesa Trading, in charge of distributing and manufacturing white goods in Latin America, delivering new solutions for families with high excellent equipment adapted to the reach of all its customers.


In February 2018, the commercialization and distribution of white goods was reactivated by means of the Condesa de Venezuela brand ; which has more than 30 years of experience and that for the moment had suffered a downtime in the industry. Currently, it has more than 200 commercial allies within the nation and has grow to be one of your most requested brands by Venezuelans.


Charity Activities

Regardless of not getting an established foundation, Manzur Dagga has created different donations in susceptible regions on the Carabobo state; because it is in his native Morón. Due to his philanthropic sense, he has directed his support mainly to schools and hospitals within the region, helping together with the contribution of food; structural renovation, medical supplies, among other people; which have benefited youngsters and older adults with limited resources.

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