Every little thing YOU Need To Know ABOUT SMART FILM


Whether you wish to include some privacy to a room or develop a larger sized-than-life projection screen, smart film might be for you. This progressive product is transforming the interior design and architectural space by shifting from translucent to opaque together with the flick of the change.

In the post beneath, we’ll cover everything you must know about smart glass, which include how it operates, how it is created, and when to use it. We’ll provide a FAQ that answers other best questions we pick up when customers contact us about smart glass installation. Acquire more information about ฟิล์มไฟฟ้า

YOUR SMART FILM Inquiries Addressed

What exactly is smart film?

Smart glass film (i.e. switchable film or PDLC film or privacy film) can be a laminate covering built to be installed on pre-existing glass, plexi-glass or any challenging smooth surface area to alter the volume of light transported by means of it. It allows a traditionally clear material to alter between clear, transparent, or opaque simply by turning a swap on or off.

How exactly does smart glass film work?

Smart glass might sound brainy, although the thought behind it is quite basic. In the match and glass industry, the product is preferable generally known as switchable film or PDLC film. That is because the product is created up of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, or microcrystal droplets which are caught between linens of polymer.

In the smart film’s inert status, the crystals refract light and cause the outer lining to look frosted or opaque. Then, when you switch on a switch and AC energizes the material, all those crystals polarise and enable light pass through.

Exactly what are the benefits associated with smart film?

Homes and businesses across the country put in smart film every day. Some of the most well-liked factors are:

Block hazardous Ultra violet rays

Increase privacy and security

Make use of glass partitions

Adjust light for specific jobs

Project movies or advertising onto glass

How do you put in smart glass film?

First, you must evaluate if you want smart glass or smart film. The less costly and much more well-known option is smart film. It’s designed to the specific size of your surface and it is a simple peel off and stay with mount it. Last but not least, the electrical diodes are attached to your AC circuit. The entire mount method will take between one hour or so to one day.

Exactly where can you use smart film?

Smart film can be utilized on many different transparent surface areas including:




office partitions


Smart film can be installed in:


Seminar areas

Hospitals and treatment centers



Luxury villas


Trains and buses

What’s the main difference between smart glass and smart film?

While the names might appear interchangeable, you will find big dissimilarities involving the two products.

As being the names suggest, smart glass encases a PDLC material between two panes of glass. Smart film, alternatively, is undoubtedly an sticky polymer that you can put in onto any glass work surface.

smart film glass

Realize that the expense of smart glass is much greater than smart film. That is due to the fact you must remove your aged windows or partitions and mount new PDLC-ready panes. Most customers select smart film rather than glass for this particular very purpose.

How is smart film made?

For the reason that water crystals in smart film are highly vulnerable, switchable glass and film products needs to be created in a very clean atmosphere.

Manufacturers set up very fine electrical connections involving the multiple layers of polymer and liquid crystal, kind of like a sandwich. Then this entire product is baked at high heating. This seals the elements together and guarantees practically nothing can interrupt the connection.

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